Bell bottoms, A-line and platform shoes are back

Bell bottoms, A-line and platform shoes are back

All tips on minimizer bras for a visually smaller bust size

Styling tips for chubby women

Are you looking for the right jeans for your type, want to look slimmer or maybe just cheat away a few extra pounds? We have the right tips to make even chubby women look a few pounds lighter in no time. You will always be well received with these styling tips.

The right outfit for the job

A well-groomed appearance is absolutely essential in the job, otherwise you will quickly lose your credibility. Your clothes shouldn’t be too sexy, but rather subtle and chic. Office classics such as blazers and pencil skirts are particularly suitable, and you can also wear a long cardigan to suit you. And these items of clothing have another advantage: They make you slim. High heels and shiny silk stockings do the rest. The best tips on beautiful office outfits for chubby people can be found here.

Elegant fashion for curvy women

Would you like to go out in a really glamorous way and are still looking for the perfect outfit? Steal the show from the others and show what you have to offer in an elegant evening outfit. It’s very easy with the right fit and the right material. Or just go for the classic black. Festive, elegant, extravagant in large sizes: here are the tips.

Skirts for the chubby: these basics always work

Do you have full hips and a strong bottom? No problem, show off your curves. If they are nicely packaged, it is always worth a look. Skirts that are narrowly cut and slightly outward at the hem make it optically slimmer. If you have very strong calves, a long skirt may be even more suitable. Avoid pleated skirts, these are unfavorable and make you look wider. Everything about skirts for the chubby can be found here.

Swimwear for the chubby: tips

Finding the right swimsuit can be difficult for chubby women. Whether you want to hide strong shoulders, broad hips or a big stomach: These tips will help you to feel good on the beach as in the swimming pool. Let summer come: How to find the perfect swimsuit.

Bridal fashion for the chubby

Which bride doesn’t want to look good on her wedding day? The current bridal fashion for chubby women offers chubby women dreamlike models that appeal to every taste. You can read how chubby women skilfully choose the right cut, the perfect color and the right accessories under Bridal wear for chubby: Tips for a dreamy outfit.

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Cuddly warm and yet elegant: winter fashion for the chubby

An elegant, knee-length coat in a trendy A-shape like the example shown by Elena Miro keeps you cozy and warm at the same time, conceals excess pounds and visually stretches the body thanks to its straight shape. For more information on winter coats, jackets, cardigans and dresses that are suitable for chubby women, see Winter fashion for the chubby: The best styling tips.

Dressed warmly but wrapped in unfashionable or better styled and freezing for it – not with you. So that you stay absolutely cool at temperatures around zero, wanted.de has summarized the hottest trends of this winter for you. Let yourself be enveloped by the new jackets, coats and accessories – our photo show offers the best inspiration.

Cool winter fashion
Photo series with 11 pictures

It was already announced in autumn: Warm red tones from Bordeaux to blackberry make dreary winter days appear much more comforting. The pleasant nuances not only go perfectly with trendy colors such as blue, gray and brown – they also make a welcome splash of color.

Pattern versus winter blues

A real miracle weapon against winter depression are the new patterns in suits and especially coats. Suits are now presented in the most magnificent glen checks and thus set optical highlights. Men’s outfitter Scabal has a wide range of fine towels that you can slip through your fingers when trying on them in London’s Savile Row. Double-breasted suits are and will remain unbeaten for those who are at the cutting edge of fashion.

For everyone who always has to put something on top: with the new coats with graphic prints you are absolutely trend-conscious. Sure, it doesn’t have to be as conspicuous as Santa Claus in a red coat. But a noble herringbone pattern by Paul Smith or a structured zigzag on the finest alpaca as we discovered it at Jil Sander, it is definitely allowed. Character types in particular should resort to patterns, explains star designer Paul Smith. In addition, the new coats come in a narrow, strict silhouette without a lot of chichi, which gives them extra elegance.

More fashion topics

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We don’t live in Siberia, but there is one thing we can learn from the frosty taiga: fluffy fur. Nothing warms better on the coldest days of the year than one of the finest natural products. The elegant coat with a fur-trimmed collar by Etro for 1515 euros can be seen here as well as the casual vintage parka with a fur hood by Cinque for just 599 euros. When it comes to frost protection, no model is inferior to the other. >>

Retro design can also be found in the wintery Evergreen leather: The dark brown leather jacket in biker style from Boss for 1699 euros comes in a trendy double-breasted silhouette. Collar and lining made of soft lambskin promise maximum comfort. Styled like this, you will break the hearts of women in the James Dean look and in an emergency you can put the warming jacket over your shivering shoulders. Especially when you come across in a brisk racing car like the one Dean drove in the end.

Functional and elegantly dressed – you can find such outfits at Arc’teryx Veilance. The smart coats and jackets from the Canadian brand really have it all: Made from intelligently constructed, durable and water-repellent Gore-Tex, the chic knee-length coat, for example, is available for 1100 euros. A warmly lined, detailed jacket with a detachable hood and waterproof zip pockets is hidden under the puristic silhouette.

Fine mesh: knitting

Monochrome combinations are particularly popular with the long-running winter: down. Sometimes as a warming inner lining or, as with Baldessarini, as a fashionable quilted jacket in trendy blue with a lambskin collar (for around 599 euros) – you will not be able to avoid the light and airy and super warm jackets this winter even with slalom. Combine the jackets tone on tone with a suit and the outfit will look exceptionally elegant. And underneath: This winter you will be wearing woolly sweaters in plain or coarse knits with classic patterns – the main thing is that a turtleneck adorns the warming piece. The Norwegian sweater by Baldessarini for 349 euros is cuddly soft and made for the outdoorsman among you. A very delicate cashmere sweater by Malo for 499 euros is much more gentle. This goes perfectly with your new checkered double-breasted suit from Scabal.

Last but not least, there is one thing that should not be missing: the winter scarf. Your warming companion presents itself from its strongest side this season and you can take that literally: oversized scarves – the bigger the better. Whoever has the biggest is now in trend. Voluminous knitted scarves and fluffy loops wrap you elegantly and give even a simple gray business suit a completely new look. However, it is better to opt for a plain-colored or tone-on-tone pattern like the XXL scarf from Baldessarini for 140 euros, this can be easily combined in a variety of ways.

Warm hands thanks to leather

Another accessory shouldn’t be missing in winter: gloves. As with the leather jackets, soft suede, fluffy lambskin and elegant interweaving set fine accents. Whether mixed with smooth nappa leather or pure, that’s up to you. If you stick with the classic made of smooth leather, you can add a touch of color this winter: the gloves made of super soft lambskin with curls by Roekl for 189 euros are a real highlight for your fur coat. You can see the current men’s winter fashion in our photo show.

In the Swinging Sixties, old rules were broken, including fashion: men let their hair grow long and girls wore scandalously short skirts. The trends from back then come back with winter fashion 2014.

From subtle to extravagant, there is something for everyone.
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Fashion houses such as Gucci, Valentino or Versace have brought the fashion trend for this winter onto the catwalks, now the swinging sixties have established themselves in everyday life.

In the 60s, people wanted to provoke and attract attention

No question about it: the 1960s were an exciting decade. "They stood for youth, freedom, new beginnings, breaking with the tried and tested, drugs, sex" explains the style expert Inka Müller-Winkelmann. "Everything was different. A new attitude towards life was born and was acted out provocatively."

Fashion was also about getting noticed at any price. "And it is certainly what still fascinates us about this time today – and that is why it is always in vogue" says Müller-Winkelmann. topadultreview.com

Bell bottoms, A-line and platform shoes are back

Fashion and attitude towards life from back then are now experiencing a revival. There are floppy hats, egg-shaped coats, pastel colors and platform shoes again. Ankle boots have square toe and a block heel. They are cut a little higher, preferably in white or black lacquer. The dresses are again made in A-line and made of heavy, robust fabrics. In addition, flared jeans, high-waisted trousers, round, sophisticated sunglasses and square handbags are back in trend.

The sixties look also suits chubby ones

If you don’t have slim legs, you can wear the trendy maxi skirt or one of the current, wide-cut pants. These often have a crease, which visually stretches the figure. So-called bell-bottom jeans are also a good choice. A pea jacket with gold buttons, a brown slouch hat and brown shaft boots with a round toe make the outfit perfect, says Lakeberg.

Original vintage parts often look stuffy

"Sweaters, trousers and dresses are among the sixties pieces with which one can best combine without the effect slipping into the stuffy" thinks the fashion consultant Müller-Winkelmann. Because you have to pay a little attention to the effect of the pieces from a past decade – especially original pieces from this time, which you can still find in vintage shops, often look more conservative than stylish.

Subtle colors and style breaks are the trend

Colors play a key role in this trend. Of course, bright tones like orange are part of it, but in moderation. "You are always on the safe side when you choose subdued colors: night blue combined with brown, denim blue with light brown camel. So the style looks fashionable, but not too flashy.

Style breaks are also allowed. For example, an A-line mini dress can be combined with a sporty baseball jacket or flared trousers with a knitted cardigan, explains Andrea Lakeberg.

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It doesn’t have to be a whole sixties outfit

And who thinks that the sixties trend doesn’t match their favorite look at all? "He reaches for accessories like the round sunglasses" so the advice of the fashion expert. "It looks great with any outfit, and you follow the trend in a very subtle way."

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