Only abstract formulas, rules, definitions and theorems.

Only abstract formulas, rules, definitions and theorems.

Not to mention that no vouchers of UAH 10,000 per year per child will save the situation. No wonder their parents are counting on them.

And to convert all schools into private ones is a utopia, as 10-20 percent of the population will be able to pay for it. Even in rich countries, private schools – 10-25%.

Well, and most importantly. Any capitalist will tell you that the education system is not exactly a business. That competition is not inherent in schools is in the sense that if businesses that produce bad products are closed, the school cannot be closed.

Because it has a completely different function. So there will be another epic with vouchers.

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Quality ceases to play a decisive role, so the trend includes Knowledge Disposable – External Evaluation

V. Spivakovsky: The trend includes Disposable Knowledge

Author: Vladimir Spivakovsky, President of the Grand Corporation.

It used to be considered that high quality is when the shoes are "not demolished". Now they are not even repaired.

Disposable tableware, disposable bathrobes and even disposable telephones are in progress …

It used to be considered prestigious to live in a brick house (they even said: we live once!) Now they don’t even ask what it is made of.

Previously, separate rooms were valued. Now combined studios (living room + kitchen) are fashionable.

Try to find a spare part for the car! And they are no longer released … Try to plug the gadget into the socket! And other connectors …

And people get used to everything disposable when quality ceases to play a decisive role.

Today the trend includes Disposable Knowledge.


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Most people, without this slogan, are constantly learning and retraining

V. Spivakovsky: a discussion about Life Long Learning

Author: Vladimir Spivakovsky, President of the Grand Corporation.

There was a discussion about the fashion trend LLL.

Life Long Learning. It’s like a call: Learn always and all your life!

I will say this: Here we are surprised! … As if they hadn’t studied all their lives before. This question is generally wrong. Even if it is fashionable.

First, there is nothing new in this LLL. Because most people, without this slogan, are constantly learning and retraining. It’s just that they don’t necessarily do it in special courses or expensive MBAs.

They study everywhere and all the time, because this is how any normal person is arranged. The artist is studying, the dentist is studying, the accountant is studying, the furniture maker is studying… Even if they have never heard of LLL.

Here the main confusion is that the main message of LLL – has become a cunning substitution of concepts.

We seem to be told: Well, what, at school and university we teach you all sorts of unnecessary nonsense … Like, grow up – and still will learn and relearn later all your life …. For extra money, of course.

And in fact, it is necessary to give fresh modern knowledge in school-high school. And with them – algorithms for relearning, "learning to learn."

And so it turns out, in school-high school do not give neither knowledge, nor abilities, nor skills of self-education.


And then they steam it LLL, similar to MMM.

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Education has remained the last industry to use unproductive manual labor

V. Spivakovsky: education is a backward industry

Author: Vladimir Spivakovsky, President of the Grand Corporation.

Alas, the "Education" industry has remained the only and last industry in the world to use unproductive manual labor.

Which, by the way, is everywhere – low paid. The contradiction is obvious: "Production" in school is mass, and labor is manual.

That is why this industry is always the most backward in the world.

Technology, content, equipment (productive forces) have come a long way, and production relations are still Neanderthal. When Archimedes taught with a stick on the sand – it is no different from the current "chalk on the board." Or even a finger on the multiboard.

That is why educational technologies, even the most wonderful, are not replicated. And the experience of great teachers and enthusiasts does not automatically spread around the world. That is why networks of successful branded schools do not emerge.

Alas, education has not yet become a "system." Although it is called the "education system". Everything is kind of motley, chaotic and annoying.

And just now this non-system has discovered its complete insolvency and regression. And, in all https://123helpme.me/write-my-lab-report/ countries, even highly developed and rich. Even there they do not know what to do with it and how to reform.

Everyone is dissatisfied with it: teachers, students, parents, and even governments. Everyone seems to be trying, but nothing comes out.

You ask, is there any way out and light at the end of this dark tunnel? Most likely that "yes" "

It’s just that education will have to turn into a kind of industry (God, what I’m writing …). Against which, of course, many object.

What else was missing! Here they have not yet got used to the terrible phrase "educational service", and are already finishing "industry".

Like, what about the "teacher’s word"? … It will turn out some soulless cyborgs from the assembly line …

Um … I remember exactly the same arguments of the Lyon weavers, who considered the loom an absolute evil and rebelled against it.

But in education right now it becomes clear what is required of him. It is now, for the first time, that education has conducted total marketing in the world for the next 50 years, and has discovered that "it" did not live for that and not for that.

Now he has completely different system goals, other cool technologies and fast algorithms. A radical rethinking of what should become a real "Education System" is coming.

That everyone was happy.

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Are we able to move in education from total control of everything to the trust of everyone?

V. Spivakovsky: control or trust?

Author: Vladimir Spivakovsky, President of the Grand Corporation.

It was a surprise to me when I learned that American universities believe in the word of the certificates sent by mail, often without checking the actual knowledge of applicants.

And they do not have a bribe, because they have to pay for such a serious service as education. And Americans do not grumble that education needs to be made accessible, free, and high-quality. They have been accustomed since childhood to understand where things come from.

And some think that the world’s best roads, cars, skyscrapers, computers, smartphones, planes, athletes, spaceships, theaters, Nobel laureates …, just fall to America from the sky. Like, good luck to them! And they just have everything built on trust.

Moreover. Here all refer to the Finnish education system, which is considered one of the best in the world … Did you know that the main basic principle there is the word "Trust" (not quality, staff, content, computers, funding, etc.)

What does Trust mean there? This means that parents trust teachers, and they cannot think that the teacher is doing something wrong and that they need to complain and complain all the time.

This means that the city authorities trust the director, do not demand any reports and do not call for endless meetings, from which everyone just gets tired and annoyed.

This means that teachers trust children. And children do not have the thought to write off or cheat in class.

This is where the high motivation to learn and learn comes from.

Are we in our country capable of such a feat and to move in education from total control of everything and everything to the Trust of all to all?

What do you think?

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If it’s so bad everywhere, is there a way to create a school that everyone would be happy with?

V. Spivakovsky: where 80% of adult losers come from

Author: Vladimir Spivakovsky, President of the Grand Corporation.

What should be the results in education? What to aim for?

By some strange logic, is it accepted that the purpose of education is a high school diploma or now – EIT? No, this is not a result, it’s just a reference.

This is the same certificate that is issued in the clinic about childhood vaccinations, but which does not certify the fact of your health, strength of spirit and muscle strength.

It is a pity that what is really necessary in life – mind, health, ingenuity, imagination, character, purposefulness, skills, abilities, sociability – this attention is not paid at all in school. Only abstract formulas, rules, definitions and theorems.

And then – 80% of losers in adulthood.

And then I wondered: if it’s so bad everywhere and everyone complains, then still – is there a way to create a school that everyone would be happy with? Of course, yes.

It all depends on what goals to set. For example, if a country sets a goal to fly into space, then it flies into space. She sets a goal – to win the World Olympics – then she devotes all her strength and resources to it.

Take a look at these illustrations and the list of results. Which of you is against at least one of them?

At parents from this list eyes simply run away. They only ask: “And what is really possible ??? I want that for my child too! "

And why, in fact, – no? A task would be set.

In sports, for example, there is all-around (pentathlon, decathlon). Why can’t there be decathlon in school? And this can be done not only in one school such as the Grand Lyceum or in the currently reformed pilot schools. But also in all other schools. You just have to set such a task. And all the technologies already exist.

I showed this table to the rectors of universities, and they said that they would be happy to have such applicants. And they are ready to accept children according to their skills, not according to external evaluation. The same was said by employers.

Thus, we are beginning to apply the formula of learning for a double outcome more widely: both the state fundamental program and what is needed for life. At least in a ratio of 50:50. And now 90:10.

And what other results would you like for your child? List them, we will structure them, and together we will see what happens.

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