• Our body is our most important and valuable asset. Something we should cherish and handle with care. With i say: products you can treat and prevent minor discomforts without burdening your body. How? i say: products are clinically proven to work on the spot and support the natural healing processes of your body. Ultimately, don’t we all have a common goal to be good to our bodies?!

    This is the main focus of i say: With our products we want to give everyone the choice to treat and prevent minor discomforts by physical mode of action.

    This time I sign on behalf of i say: Together with a team of medical specialists, we have developed i say: products for everybody who wants to be good to their bodies.

    i say: BE GOOD TO YOUR BODY!
    Drs. Pieternella Bouter

  • Products that do not burden your body!

    i say: is an innovative product line of medical devices, which is both treatment and prevention-focused. The products work directly on the spot where the problem actually is. In this way we make sure that you do not burden your body and choose for healthy treatment option.

    i say: provides you with the great convenience from different perspectives: the products are easy to use, work fast and do not have known side effects.

    Our current product range covers self-care medical devices for the treatment and prevention of: urinary tract infection, vaginal infection, vaginal dryness, cold sore, bloated feeling and dry mouth.

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