Healthy vaginal discharge

Every woman has vaginal discharge (white discharge). Some women have more than others. This discharge is the natural moisturizer that protects vagina from infectious bacteria and fungi. Healthy vaginal discharge can have bright milky and/or creamy color, it is soft and odorless.  The moisture in the vagina is produced by the mucous membrane and the cervix. The […]

Urinary incontinence

Did you know that urinary incontinence occur in 1 out of 10 women? Millions of women have these problems with bladder control. This is not only happening with elderly women: one out of three women younger than 35 experience these discomforts. There are several reasons for urinary incontinence: weak bladder muscles, possible side effect from […]

Abnormal discharge

It is not always easy to determine when you have abnormal discharge. The symptoms can be noticed through: The amount of discharge: too much or too little The smell: pungent odor Colour: for example, greenish or yellow Other symptoms include itching or burning  

Peppermint after the meal

Have you ever thought why you receive  an after-meal peppermint at a restaurant? Do you think it is for fresh breath? Well, this is not exactly true! Your intestines work hard to digest the food. Peppermint makes your intestines more relaxed and it soothes the process of digestion. So, not only you have fresh breath […]

I can really enjoy having meals again without suffering from a bloated feeling. Such a relief!

Jeroen is 35 years old and he has a demanding job. For many, years he suffered from a bloated feeling and a few months ago he tried i say: Bloated Feeling capsules for the first time.  12 years ago I started my career immediately upon a graduation. It was a startup company where I was […]

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