• i say: feel confident!

    Talking about vaginal infections is not easy although it is more common than you think. More than half of the feminine population experience it at least once. Having a vaginal discharge is natural to all women. Normal discharge can be recognized through its color: it can be clear or cloudy white or yellowish when dry on clothing. The disruption of the vaginal acidity level leads to abnormal discharge. Due to the overgrowth of fungal species or bacteria, the discharge changes in consistencey and smell. The abnormal vaginal discharge can be white, grey or yellow/green with a foul odor.

    I say: tablets optimize the vaginal flora and restore the acidity level. Symptoms like itching, irritation and unpleasant odor disappear. Medical device, please read the instructions for use before use.

    • Treats and prevents vaginal infection
    • Counters microbial infestation
    • Treat and prevents  itching, odor and abnormal vaginal discharge
    • The tablet is inserted in a similar way as tampon
KOAG/KAG-nr. 3168-0313-0582