Since I’ve started using i say: Vaginal Dryness, these unpleasant feelings disappeared.

I didn’t have an intimate relationship for a long time, due to irritations and pruritus in my vagina as well as dehydration. Since I’ve started using i say: Vaginal Dryness, these unpleasant feelings disappeared. I also have a new relationship and can enjoy life again. If only I’d known about i say: Vaginal Dryness earlier. […]

Since using i say: Intimate mousse, I feel much more confident.

From the moment I started to use i say: Intimate Mousse, I started to feel confident again. I had a problem of smelly intimate area. Since using i say: Intiemmouse, I feel much more confident. This product is very refreshing and pleasant to use. Linda (27)

Since I started using i say: Vaginal Dryness, the discomfort in my vagina has gradually disappeared.

A couple of months ago I gave birth to my lovely son Elias. He’s my first child and it was a long and painful childbirth. When Elias turned two months old, I still kept a dry vagina. This led to irritation and a burning sensation. Although I shower frequently, my vagina still smelled. Since I […]

Thanks to i say: Cold Sore I feel less ashamed at work and I can manage the development of a cold sore.

I am 38 years old and got my first cold sore during my youth. In everyday life, I’m a store manager. In my function I am responsible for ninety employees and other liabilities. Due to a busy workweek, I do not have the time to always live healthy. On moments when I have a lower […]

I like i say: Cold Sore because it is easy to apply and it is not visible on my lips.

Since my eighth year I got the first expressions of an HSV-infection.  Recently, I bought i say: Cold Sore. This product got my attention after I read the instruction for use and also because of its attractive appearance. Moreover, the product is effective for me. About three times per year I suffer from a cold […]

When I shower I frequently use i say: Intimate Mousse.

When I shower I frequently use I say: Intimate Mousse. Hygiene is very important for me and I say: Intimate Mousse is a good choice in this respect. It also has natural pH level and very pleasant smell. Sandra (32)

I am happy and would recommend i say: Vaginal Infection to have for every woman.

The first time I tried i say: Vaginal Infection product was a month ago. I had a fever and was taking some medicines. After recovering from the fever, I was quite weak and felt that my immunity completely went down. Probably, due to that I started having some really annoying vaginal problems. I had an […]

My friend once recommended me i say: Bloated Feeling capsules.

I fly a lot and don’t know if it is only me, but my stomach becomes like a big “bubble” when I am in the plane.  This is usually accompanied by a strong abdominal pain, especially after the meal.  It is good if you seat near the aisle and have an opportunity to frequently go […]

I always have an i say: Dry Mouth spray in my purse.

I am a smoker and sometimes I really experience a dry mouth feeling. I do not like to chew gums all the time because firstly, it is not good for my teeth and secondly, if I chew the gum all the time, I have that “hungry feeling” in my stomach. I tried i say: Dry […]

The only product that immediately attracted my attention was i say: UTI Prevention.

I am very prone to UTI’s so at least two times a year a have it for sure. So I know approximately which season I will probably have it. When I went to the drugstore, I was searching for something that could prevent me from having UTI’s because I really didn’t want to constantly run […]

I can really enjoy having meals again without suffering from a bloated feeling. Such a relief!

Jeroen is 35 years old and he has a demanding job. For many, years he suffered from a bloated feeling and a few months ago he tried i say: Bloated Feeling capsules for the first time.  12 years ago I started my career immediately upon a graduation. It was a startup company where I was […]

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